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The American Life League
(with photos from their Tridentine Mass here on July 14, 2002)

Ozanam Inn
Sponsored by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul
New Orleans, Louisiana



As with any information source, it is essential always to exercise care when researching and relying on knowledge gleaned from the Internet.

A visit to Catholic Culture is strongly suggested. The Trinity Communications staff at Catholic Culture has reviewed and rated over 800 Catholic-oriented sites for fidelity (orthodoxy, obediency, fortitude and prudence), resources and implementation (purpose, maintenance, organization and appearance). A perusal of their site ratings lends some discerning (and can be good for a few laughs). Catholic Culture has sensational databases — history, liturgy — including Catholic World News, with whom they are affiliated professionally.


Mass Times
Ministry for traveling Catholics (Pauline Books & Media, Catholic Communication Campaign of USCCB and 1-800 Mass Times Trust)
Ecclesia Dei Home Page
Latin Mass Society of England & Wales
Mater Dei Latin Mass Community (Dallas, TX)


Global Index
A site of Orthodox patristics, featuring some writers hostile to Rome. Included because it’s an excellent source of many, many texts embraced by Rome
Christian Apocrypha and Early Christian Literature (The Gnosis Society)
Borderline site — includes gnostic texts, some clearly heretical, but also includes other early texts revered by the Church. For example, many ancient and revered traditions concerning the ministry and martyrdoms of Peter and Paul in Rome appear in their Acts.
EWTN — Patristics — JEROME


The Catholic Encyclopedia
New Advent
Greek Lexicon (Tufts)
Oxford’s Liddell & Scott, the standard Greek lexicon for English speakers. Indispensable for anyone who uses Greek or wants to learn a little.
Latin Dictionary (Tufts)
Oxford’s Lewis & Short


Coming Home Network Home Page
The Coming Home Network, source of the show of the same name on EWTN, assists non-Catholics, especially clergy, to find their way to Rome.
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (Dave Armstrong)
Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page
New Advent
The Nazareth Resource Library (James Akin)