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About St. Patrick's

Among the most revered of New Orleans historic landmarks is Old St. Patrick’s Church, a stunning example of the arts and crafts of another era. It stands in the heart of the business district and is one of the treasures that remains from early 19th century days when the city began moving outside the boundaries of Bienville’s original settlement, the French Quarter. It has been declared a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior, setting it apart as a special American edifice of importance. Old St. Patrick’s lies in the 700 block of Camp Street in what was known as the American sector. It is one of the few historic and architecturally significant structures in and around Lafayette Square, once a grand park for residents and businessmen in the uptown side of the city across Canal Street from the Quarter. It was in this section that Americans built their homes and business establishments and distinguished their lifestyles from those of the Creoles residing in the original city limits.

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